Light & View Lighting Design Co., Ltd. headquartered in Beijing and with subsidiary offices in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, is a professional lighting design firm founded by a number of well-experienced Chinese and foreign lighting designers.

The over 1,000 square meter Light & View Lighting Laboratory located in Beijing is equipped with the world-leading facilities for lighting environment visualization, experiment and test of lighting systems and lighting control devices, and test and evaluation of lighting fixtures; it also the ideal venue for professional communication and exchanges and technical training.

Light & View is very proud of its outstanding design and service team that consists of professionals mostly having the backgrounds in architecture design, art design, product design and computer technology that has formed an energetic and ever-growing team to provide our clients with quality services at high efficiency. Our services cover most of the major requirements and needs in the field of lighting techniques and arts and may be divided into four areas---lighting design, research and development of lighting equipment, research and development of lighting control system, and lighting doctor.

Light & View is an open company. We have established close contacts and cooperation with a number of the world renowned architects and lighting designers both at home and abroad. In recent years, Light & View has accomplished some outstanding projects including the Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, the New Museum of Guangdong Province, Beijing Olympic Green, China National Swimming Center, the Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou, etc. Our contribution and talent in these projects gained sound reputation among partners and developers.

 Light & View is an ever-growing team and endeavored to continuously provide our client with quality services. At the same time, we are also making our efforts in pushing the innovations in the lighting industry in order to contribute to the improvement of the entire lighting environment.